Entry 2 – Born to run

Over 14,000 people took part in this years Dublin Marathon and every year more than 100,000 entrants take part in the premier event, the New York marathon. Unfortunately for this years entrants monster storm Sandy put an end to this years race. The first cancellation since its inception in 1970!

Why run? Humans are born to run!! Our hunter gather ancestors did it to survive 🙂 but here are some more practical reasons to start running:

• no gym required!

• it’s a challenge!

• people who run outside run faster, longer and enjoy it more than those stuck on a threadmill

• running can strengthen the limbs, develop the lungs and promote circulation of the blood

• improve your health

• prevent disease

• lose weight

• relieve stress and help eliminate depression

…the list is endless. There have been huge strides in Ireland over the last few years to make it a more socialable activity with bootcamps and running clubs just about on every corner. Here are some motivation tips:

1. Find a committed running partner or search your local area for some running clubs. It’s much more difficult to skip a run if somebody else is relying on you.

2. Be prepared to remove the words can’t, won’t and never from your vocabulary

3. Do not try and compete / keep up with others. Find your pace and the rest will follow!

4. Start a running diary or blog and follow other people’s blogs. You can keep track of your progress and measure your achievement’s. This will help keep you motivated and you can share your experiences with others.

5. Speak with a food expert or nutritionist. By eating the right foods before and after exercise it will help your recovery and improve your performance.

6. Buy running clothes you look good in!

7. Keep an eye on our blog and newsletters for more useful info and advice!



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