Entry 4 – Posture, Posture, Posture

My physical therapy clients are probably delighted I am writing a post on posture, like they haven’t heard me talk about it enough during consultations lol. Posture is important in movement, exercise and if it’s just sitting at home or at work. Without proper body position our movement will not be effective. If our movement is compromised, you will become slow, weak or more prone to injury. Good posture exudes confidence, poise and most importantly good health.

At our Physical Therapy clinic the most common causes of poor posture stems from the workplace. Our clients report low energy levels leading to lethargy and reduced productivity. The most important tool for correcting poor posture is educating yourself of the events in your lifestyle that contribute to the muscle aches, more frequent injuries with exercise and chronic back pain.

At Harbour Clinic, Physical Therapy Pain Relief Centre we analyse a clients posture carefully, standing, seated and lying on the table. By doing this it is easy to see where the imbalances are and it allows us as Physical therapists to explain the cause of your back pain, knee pain, headaches and much more. Gradually over time, the connective tissue, muscles and fascia, start to get tense, weaken, inflammation can begin and this leads to muscular imbalances. This eventually leads to joint pains, back pains and places stress along the entire body.

Postures can be corrected with physical therapy and the right exercises. At the Physical Therapy Pain Relief Centre our treatments focus on loosening tightened muscles and fascia placing strains on the body and teaching good posture. To relieve pain, stress and gain proper posture try the following exercises:

Lateral Pull Downs, shoulder squeezes, core building, kneeling hip flexor stretch, supine (lying on back) hip flexor stretch, chest / pec stretching. Yoga is also a good form of exercise to improve posture. Check our previous entry for more tips on stretching to relieve your aches and pains and improve your posture.


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