Entry 1 – Know about Arthritis?

Do you know how many arthritic conditions there are?   A common myth exists that arthritis only affects the elderly. Arthritis is a serious national health problem affecting one million men and women and around 1000 children in Ireland (www.arthritisireland.ie). There are over 100 different types , affecting people differently, including children.

World Arthritis Day took place last month October 12th. The slogan for this years arthritis day was ‘Lets work together’. Here at Harbour Clinic our practitioners work together to provide clients suffering from conditions such as arthritis to live a normal pain free life. Some arthritic sufferers endure painful injections to help relieve their pain but with limited success.   Physical therapy and acupuncture can help:

  • reduce inflammation
  • reduce pain
  • restore range of motion
  • relax joints
  • increase flexibility in stiff joints
  • foot care advice
  • strengthen joints

For osteoarthritis, maintaining a healthy weight is critical for managing symptoms.  Swimming and walking can often be the best forms of exercise for those of you suffering with more advanced forms of arthritis.  Improving posture is vital for reducing additional stress on individual joints.

World Arthritis Day is now passed for 2012 but you should take note  of any articles you may read regarding arthritis – we all know someone affected by it.

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