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Harbour Clinic Physical Therapist offer a range of physical therapies specifically targeting back pains. These include a range back pain massages that aim to provide acute back pain relief. We don’t recommend however a single massage for back pain relief. We want to find the source of your back pain. Harbour Clinic aims to fully rehabilitate customers, educate and prevent future back pain causing injuries.

Who hasn’t suffered some form of back pain in their lifetime? Our modern lifestyle ensures most of us have or will suffer from chronic low back pain. The reason, maybe because we are a healthier, fitter nation which means we exercise more. The more we exercise the more we strain muscles. And because we don’t exercise perfectly (including stretching or warming up) back pains are extremely common.  From contact sports or a lack of adequate stretching, it’s difficult to know. It is positive that we strive to live a fit and healthy lifestyle and also good to know there are plenty of skilled physical therapists to make sure you can make an early return to exercise.

But this is not the main reason for common ailments such as low back pain. What is you ask? POSTURE, (e.g slouching, flexion). Yes, posture – many of us lead such a sedentary lifestyle at our desks that a recent study indicated that even 30 minutes exercise a day is not good enough to undo the negative health affects sitting in these positions does to our bodies. And it’s more than the desk, it’s the car, before and after work, sitting at home watching television, playing computer games – the list is endless.

Have any of the practitioners you have seen for back pain looked to the FRONT of your body? So often, the musculature and fascia deep in the front of the low back becomes shortened, through excessive sitting and through overuse. Add onto that any pelvic surgeries or childbirth and the deep musculature becomes shortened to the point where it is pulling the back so far forward that the “real” back muscles go into spasm, creating pain.

Treating only the back will seldom get to the source of the pain. Physical therapy and Myofascial Release addresses all areas, concentrating on the deep musculature of the front of the back. Take the strain off the low back and the spine can resume its normal place. Myofascial Release returns flexibility to our body after surgery or injury, decreasing or eliminating problems due to scar tissue.

We all have to take more responsibility for improving our posture and eradicating pain and discomfort to our backs. There are plenty of options out there but if you do suffer from back pain please contact our physical therapists here in Dublin and let us help you eradicate back pain permanently.

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