Golfers / Tennis Elbow Sports Injury Treatment

Sports Injury Treatment

Think you have a sports injury such as Golf or Tennis Elbow? Visit our Dun Laoghaire sports injury therapists for diagnosis, pain relief, rehabilitation and future prevention.

Do you have Golf or Tennis elbow like described below?

Have you been experiencing pain on the inside or outside of your elbow? Does the pain effect simple daily activities? Have you difficulty gripping or lifting? Pain radiating down the forearm? If you answer yes to any of these questions you need to make a physical therapy appointment today!!!

Golfers and tennis elbow – tendonitis versus tendinosis? Typically an onset of golfers elbow is down to the repetitive nature of the swing and striking of the golf ball. Coupled with poor grip or technique, one can develop tendinosis. The major difference between tendonitis and tendinosis is the lack of inflammation present with tendinosis. Therefore the treatment and prescription of medicines needs to be addressed accurately and effectively.

Tendon injuries take longer to repair than muscle injuries so it’s important time is not wasted treating the wrong condition. At Harbour clinic our physical therapists conduct a skilled assessment in order to make an accurate diagnosis of your condition. Tendinosis injuries can take 6 – 10 weeks to heal, don’t waste time and contact our Dublin physical therapy clinic today.

Habour Clinic is a physical therapist clinic specialising in sports injury based in Dun Laoghaire. Serving customers from all around South Dublin including Blackrock, Glenageary, Killiney, Sandycove, Cabinteely, Monkstown,, Glasthule, Dalkey just to name a few.

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