Muscle strains

Muscle Strain Relief Massage?

Do you strain your muscles on a regular basis? Hamstring pulls? Calf tears? Groin strains? Yet you stretch the same amount as everybody else, receive frequent sports massage? Why is it that you still fall short of the finish line?

Fascia is the sleeve or sheath that covers muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels, nerves and is arguably the single most pain sensitive structure in the body.

Fascia is a think clear membrane like looking structure. You can see it in raw meat, the tough elastic structure that makes cutting raw meat difficult. It’s tensile strength can place up to 4000 pounds of pressure on our structures. It wraps tightly around our muscles and other internal structures. Therefore if it is excessively tight it prevents our muscles and tendons from gliding correctly and elongating during activities such as running and other sports. Fascial injuries often heal in a tangled manner with those injured areas often being referred to as scar tissues or microscopic tears.

Scars can play a significant role in pain and dysfunction. The effects of scars, even scars that may be years old, can be successfully treated to reduce pain and increase function. Scar tissue can be successfully treated using physical therapy and myofascial release techniques.

At Harbour clinic we are specialists in dealing with muscle strains, contact us today for an appointment.

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