Neck Pain

The neck is the final piece in the jigsaw to our support structure emanating from the pelvis to the lumbar spine, thoracic spine to the neck – the cervical spine. So basically, the lumbar spine is supported by the pelvis and the neck is supported by the entire spinal column. Therefore is there if a weakness or misalignment exits in the pelvis, the spine is affected which means the neck can be affected. Like back pain, neck pain is generally a symptom of one of two syndromes brought about by poor posture. These syndromes are commonly referred to as upper crossed syndrome and lower crossed syndrome. This basically means that opposite and opposing muscles are short and weak. But it’s not all about muscles. Another form of connective tissue, fascia plays an even bigger role. Fascia binds everything in our bodies together. Therefore when it becomes tight, weak or inflamed it forces our bodies to maintain an unhealthy posture.

Faulty neck posture results in the entire weight of the head slipping forward putting huge amounts of pressure on some of our vertebrae in the neck and resulting in small muscles attempting to prevent or hold the new position of the head. Trigger points form in the fascia and muscles sending referred pain to other parts of the body including headaches.

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