A common myth exists that once an onset of arthritis occurs that the joint becomes useless and we guard against putting any strain to the joint. The truth is, like any arthritic condition it’s this guarding and fear of causing further damage that creates a lot of the stiffness and pain associated with arthritis.

Yes, physical therapy or any form or treatment or rehabilitation cannot undo the damage to the cartilage but hands-on treatments such as physical therapy, target the surrounding muscles and fascia, reduce adhesions and trigger points that cause lots of pain surrounding the hip joint for example.

Clients often come for physical therapy treatment for knee pain. With them they have an X-ray report that shows arthritic changes to the knee. Their GP has prescribed them with some anti inflammatories, explained light exercise might help and there is nothing else than can be done and expect surgery in the future.

At Harbour clinic when the client is assessed for common hip osteoarthritis they invariably have excessive tightness of the quadriceps, the thigh muscles. On top of this tightness is the knee cap that barely moves from its position between the upper and lower leg. Thirdly, more often than not the clients pelvis is out of balance putting more strain through the knee.

After physical therapy and myofascial release the pain usually lessens or disappears. Will the X-Ray still look the same – Yes, but it is the abnormal tightness of the muscles and fascia that create the pressure and pain surrounding the joint. Unfortunately many people suffer arthritic pain only to be told they will need a joint replacement at some point in the future and may have to endure painful injections until then. Take away the abnormal strain and the joint can still function.

Call us today at our Dublin clinic to help restore your normal pain free range of motion.

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