Plantar fasciitis

As the name suggests plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the fascia, the fascia that stretches along the sole of your foot. There are many negative stories surrounding a ‘cure’ for plantar fasciitis. As you are aware, at Harbour clinic we specialise in treating the fascia system which makes physical therapy the recommended choice for treating this condition.

Heel pain doesn’t happen for any reason. Our physical therapists will examine you thoroughly and get to the source of the problem. In most cases the source of plantar fasciitis comes from tight muscles surrounding the pelvis, upper or lower leg resulting in excessive strain on the foot. As a result inflammation builds up in the foot. With the correct treatment, our physical therapists can have you back on your feet without the complications of ongoing medications or injections. Myofascial release and physical therapy focus on reducing inflammation from the fascia, resulting in less pain and more movement.

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It is true plantar fasciitis is difficult to heal in a short space of time. As soon as the treatment is finished you are weight bearing again on the affected site. Anti – inflammatories can help but injections should be a last resort. Plantar fasciitis is one of the conditions, which can be treated by a wide variety of methods. Varies methods of treatment exist with own claims of success without any attempts of comparing the methods. One study concluded that conservative treatment like physiotherapy is beneficial but the subjects in this study treated with myofascial release showed an additional benefit in terms of reduction in pain.

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