Shoulder pain

The term ‘shoulder pain’ is a container for many everyday injuries. To name a few, ‘swimmers shoulder’, rotator cuff injury, ac strain, arthritis and bursitis. Each of these are obviously serious and painful conditions but can treated effectively through physical therapy.

The sports related injuries such as swimmers shoulder and rotator cuff injuries are often as a result of overuse. I’m sure I don’t have to explain the reason behind swimmers shoulder but essentially what happens is one of the four rotator cuff muscles, more commonly supraspinatus becomes weak and tendonosis can occur. Pain, inflammation, loss of range of motion is common sign and symptoms with a rotator cuff tear, tendonitis or tendinosis

Arthritic pain is common. With an arthritic joint the pain is not what we are commonly told and think. When arthritis develops the articular cartilage wears and thins resulting in the surfaces of the bones coming closer together. But the surrounding muscles shorten and weaken as a result of the individual guarding against using the arm for specific movements. The muscles and fascia develop trigger points and adhesion occurs. Over time this becomes worse resulting in lots of pain and restricted movement. The muscle and fascia must be treated and normalised and soon the joint can be mobile again.

At Harbour clinic we use specialised techniques to help you with your shoulder pain. Be it from a sports injury or the onset of degenerative conditions such as arthritis or bursitis.

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