Neck pain, arm pain, shoulder pain, back pain, headaches, pins and needless, nausea – all of these are synonymous with a whiplash injury. Most whiplash injuries we see are victims of road traffic accidents and the same pattern emerges each time. Symptom free for a day or two after the accident but lots of pain and stiffness quickly follows.

Please do not waste time if you have been the victim of a road traffic accident or any other accident causing whiplash. Our physical therapists delays in clients seeking treatment all the time, making the recovery time longer. Our skills are suited to treat whiplash injuries perfectly. At Harbour clinic, our physical therapist are the experts in muscle and fascia related pain and dysfunction. If you have suffered a whiplash injury recently or even a long time ago, contact our Dublin physical therapy clinic on 01 236 6648.

Shock remains in the system after trauma such as a road traffic accident. This shock cements itself amongst the layers of fascia in our connective tissue. Add to this the severe lengthening and contracting of the soft tissue surrounding the cranium, neck shoulder, back and hip, unfortunately leads to long periods of pain and rehabilitation.

X-rays or MRIs generally come back normal which delays the client from seeking help. If treatment is delayed, depression can arise, symptoms will get worse, one may need to take time off work and the daily activities they enjoy doing. It can be a downward spiral and symptoms can re-surface again and again over long periods time.

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