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Myofascial pain requires myofascial release which are highly skilled manual therapeutic techniques used to release fascial restrictions, which may cause neuromusculoskeletal, myofascial pain and systemic pathology. Have you ever felt like you are carrying a huge weight on your shoulders, low back, pelvis or legs? When the fascia is in its normal healthy state it is a relaxed and supple web. When it is restricted it becomes more rigid and less pliable resulting in myofascial pain. This creates pulls, tensions and pressure as great as 2000 pounds per square inch. The fascia is a continuous system, running from the bottom of the feet through the top of the head and has many layers. Fascia restrictions can occur in any or all of these layers.

fascial Pain Relief | Dublin

Physical therapist performing Myofascial Release for back pain

How can Myofascial pain relief  help me?

Myofascial pain relief therapy can be used to treat serious conditions such as:

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At Harbour clinic we have specially trained therapists in integrated myofascial pain relief. Myofascial release treatment can assist with many conditions as it addresses the body’s incorrect body mechanics and postures, removing stresses from particular parts in the body. Once the fascia has been addressed it permits the body to retain its normal shape allowing the accompanying pain and other symptoms to reduce and often disappear.

The Neglected Fascial system

Most people assume that a bone, tendon, ligament, bursa, joint or organ is the source of pain. The doctor may diagnose migraines, muscle strains, inflammation, bony spurs, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, TMJ or a number of other well known conditions. The normal process these days seems to be a prescription for anti-inflammatories, surgery and rest. The root of the problem is never addressed or discussed. Many people, including those in the medical profession, do not even consider that the fascia system may be the source of the pain.

Fascia is a body system in itself and is what composes over 80% of what we consider muscle tissue. Facial pain is one of the most undiagnosed problems among people today. Research shows that conditions such as Fybromyalgia can be treated effectively using myofascial release and myofascial pain relief methods. Today we realize that fascial restrictions need special methods of treatment. Sports injuries are common causes of myofascial problems. Tennis elbow, sprained ankles, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel and back pain are often due to fascia binding that occurs after trauma.

Myofascial Release techniques are gentle, safe and are highly effective in reducing pain and restoring motion and optimal function on a permanent basis.

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