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Our Dun Laoghaire Sports Massage team offer a range of massages for faster recovery, injury rehabilitation, pain relief and on field performance. While most customer sports massages are done at our Dun Laoghaire sports therapy clinic we can also attend sporting events to support teams and individual athletes.

Contact us today to arrange a sports massage treatment, for diagnosis and treatment in our Dublin, Dun Laoghaire clinic – phone 01 236 6648.

It’s important to find a sports massage therapist who understands your needs as an athlete and the principles of the activity you participate in. At our Dun Laoghaire clinic Pain Relief Centre, our qualified sports massage therapists work with you to understand in detail the treatment you specifically require. With a complete diagnosis we then consider the most effective sports massage techniques to get you fit and healthy again.

About Sports Massage Therapy

The ultimate short term goal of sports massage therapy is to get you, the athlete, into prime condition before events or competitions. Long term sports massage therapy can assist in prolonging one’s career and maintain optimum health and full range of motion for many years ahead. Ensure you find a therapist that listens to your needs, understands your requests and responds to your needs as your body adjusts to every treatment.

Sports massage therapy is key to gaining an edge over your competitors, trimming those few seconds from your race time and simply to prevent injury. At Harbour clinic a sports massage is not simple a deep tissue treatment. There are key points to consider before the application of such techniques. These techniques include kneading, compression, effleurage, cross – fibre friction, stretching, shaking and petrissage just to name a few, and should be used accordingly to either pre or post events.

Sports massage therapy differs from total body massage, in that the entire treatment can focus on one area such as your shoulder or back. Our skilled therapists have a broad range of techniques to specifically target and match each individual’s body composition, activities, age, fitness level and personal training goals.

Can sports massage really help me with an old injury?

The benefits of massage will depend on the extent of the injury, how long ago it occurred and on the skill of the therapist. Chronic and old injuries often require deeper and more precise treatments with less emphasis on relaxation and working on the whole body. Tight and fibrous muscles not only hurt at the muscle or tendon, but can also interfere with proper joint movement and cause pain far away from the original injury. The sad truth is we all experience more aches and pains as we get older and old injuries can come back to haunt us, with more frequent flare ups or repeated strains. The correct application of sports massage for chronic or old injuries can help break down any scarring and adhesions that may have never been treated correctly in the first place. Sports massage will help soften, lengthen and tone the injured site as a prelude to developing a leaner, healthier body.

A little piece of history!!

The modern history of sports massage started at the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris. Paavo Nurmi from Finland brought a personal massage therapist to the running competition and won 5 gold medals. Nurmi claimed that his training program included this special massage treatment.

Harbour Clinic is based in Dun Laoghaire, South Dublin. Harbour Clinic provides Physical Therapy including sports massage to clients from Dalkey, Glenageary, Killiney, Sandycove, Cabinteely, Monkstown, Blackrock, Glasthule and more. Today however the sports massage therapist have clients from all over Dublin visiting for it’s Physical Therapy services.

Specialists in Sports Massage Dun Laoghaire: Dublin

Harbour Clinic is a leading physical therapy and sports injury clinic based in Dun Laoghaire. Serving customers from all around South Dublin including Dalkey, Glenageary, Killiney, Sandycove, Cabinteely, Monkstown, Blackrock, Glasthule just to name a few.

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