Sports Injury Clinic

Harbour Clinic is a leading sports injury clinic offering a specific sports injury treatment. Our sports injury clinic is highly experienced diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating all different kinds of athletes. Based in Dun Laoghaire, South Dublin our specialist sports injury clinic treat athletes from both a professional and amateur background.

Sports Injury Diagnosis

As a sports injury clinic we offer a specific sports injury diagnosis service. Our sports injury therapist will identify the injury, the cause and aggravating activities. By specifically identifying the sports injury early on precautionary measures can be taken to avoid serious and permanent injuries.

Our sports injury therapists specialise in techniques using modern myofascial release methods to treat and prevent any re-occurrences.  Studies have shown that myofascial release is proving to be an effective method of treating sports injuries and injury prevention.

The techniques used by our physical therapists do not place any stress on the tissues or joints, therefore reducing any recovery period from the treatment. Instead the client will feel immediate relaxation, improved flexibility and pain relief to the injured area.  The connective tissue surrounding the muscle or tendon can become very stressed not allowing the muscle or tendon to glide.  Without treating the fascia the risk of re-injury is greater. There are many articles online promoting the use of foam rollers to treat and prevent sports injuries. We do endorse these products but they should be used correctly but only after painful restrictions have been manipulated gently through hands on techniques as employed by our sports therapists here in Dun Laoghaire.

Sports Injury Therapy Treatment

Our sports injury clinic’s specialist sports therapist provide pain relief without the use of drugs. This is commonly critical for athletes in mid season or in a competition. Our sports injury therapy can provide pain relief and help reduce inflammation. This can improve the speed of recovery from the sports injury. Aiming not only to provide short-term pain relief our specialist sports therapist focuses on preventing an injury reoccurrence. For this reason as part of our treatment our sports injury therapy team prescribe specific stretches and home care advice for patients to aid full recovery.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Aiming for complete sports injury rehabilitation our sports therapists  prescribe rehabilitating and preventative measures. Common examples of rehabilitating measures include the right amount of down/recovery time, exercise and testing before re-entering into competition.  Our sports  injury therapy team monitor and track the progress of clients rehabilitation from diagnosis to complete recovery.

Harbour Clinic your sports injury clinic

Mark O’Brien located at Harbour Clinic in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin is a leading Physical Therapist with a specialist treatment skills for sports injury therapy. Qualified and highly experienced he has dealt with all kinds of athletes, old, young, amateur, professional and everything else in between. To get a proper diagnosis on your sports injury get in touch with Harbour Clinic immediately on 01 236 6648 today. Remember early treatment  is critical to preventing serious and permanent damage.


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